Happy Halloween

October 31, 2008


Stella Im Hultberg

October 20, 2008

Once again I have reintroduced myself to an artist that I have encountered in the past. For fans of Audrey Kawasaki I wouldn’t be surprised if you enjoy Stella Im Hultberg’s work just as much. The media she chooses to create her pieces always seem to work together so beautifully. Her sketchbook is completely different from what she paints or draws, and I find that to be wonderful. An artist who can draw in a multitude of styles always seems to have an edge over others. On top of her amazing work in general, how can I not like a artist who does a Marla from Fight Club painting?


Oh, and for those who might be having difficulty pronouncing her name it is Im as in Kim.

Audrey Kawasaki

October 14, 2008

My current favorite artist has to be Audrey Kawasaki. I’ve come across her work in the past when I was in my Dave Kinsey phase, but never really stopped to admire the simplicity and cleanliness of her work. I’m really considering snagging one or maybe two of her prints in the near future. Her website can be found here.

After the Fire

After the Fire

Once Again.

October 13, 2008

Here I am once again, writing in a new blog. Hopefully I can keep this one updated, and not let my fear of boring you to death get in my way.

The weather has shifted from an dry blazing heat, to a windy bone chilling cold. Which personally I enjoy greatly. Something about the cold makes me feel as if nothing can possibly go wrong, only right. In the past new relationships have always been formed in the winter months, new hobbies, new interests as well. Though at the moment I’m very content with where I am at in life. Days filled with Pandora Radio, friends, books, photographs, and bikes. A year ago I wouldn’t be saying something of the sorts. I was more interested in trying to keep a broken relationship together and being someone I’m not to really have anytime to find out who I was and what I wanted to do with my future. Like I had mentioned earlier, the winter months usually bring with them new experiences. This has caused me to feel much more anxious than usual. A double edged feeling that can either bring one extreme joy or extreme disappointment. Ah, the time set on my alarm clock is drawing closer with every word I type.

Good Night.